Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Philadelphia: a Full Report

I said I'd make a full report on my extended weekend, so here it is. My wife and I went to Philadelphia to visit with our son who lives in the area, and to do a little tourist stuff.

First of all, Philadelphia's a cool place. I think that living there calls for the acquisition of a set of skills that I, as a casual motor-tourist, don't have; and so, for a midwestern type like me, there's a real element of relief in heading home. On the other hand, if I were to go and live in Philadelphia for a year, I'd be really good at living in Philadelphia. And then, if (inexplicably) I decided to spend a long weekend in Allen County, Indiana, I expect I'd be tickled to go home from there, too.

Secondly, I must admit that I left the area without once consuming an authentic cheesesteak. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I drove past both Pat's and Geno's on Saturday afternoon. Note, however, the verb: drove. I was afflicted with the possession of an automobile. This gets back to the urban-life-skills thing: there was no way in the world I'd have been able to park that beast within three miles of Pat's/Geno's (they're within a block of being in the same place). The solution is obvious: walk if it's not too far, and ride the train, or bus, if it is. Next time.

Thirdly: I went to the Official Historic Area™, which simply confirms my anarchist streak. Let's just say it's ironic, getting the full body search routine from your government in order to get within looking distance of a cracked bell, or the original Pennsylvania statehouse (now "Independence Hall"). Let's just further say that if Patrick Henry showed up there tomorrow, he'd be in Gitmo before lunchtime.

Fourthly: Philadelphia has itself one very, very, very fine art museum. Damn, it's nice. The Cezanne special exhibit was a little disappointing. But I think the day I saw it was also its last day, so my review would be even more pointless than my reviews usually are.

And thus ends the full report.

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