Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GOP Turnaround?

All five or six of you who read this blog now and then know me, and the three or four things I have to say, all too well. You know I think there's only one "party" ruling this huge, poor, decaying, used-to-be republic: the Corporate/War Party, with two major caucuses, elephas maximus and equus africanus asinus, plus a minor caucus or so that don't merit mention. But while the two big caucuses are, I claim, functionally and morally equivalent (zero equals zero), they still have their own individual foibles and tendencies. And, in recent years, the nominal males of the pachyderm caucus have displayed a remarkable tendency to "think" with the wrong head, so to speak; and, increasingly, to do so with folk of their own sex. Playing hide-the-sausage with the other boys, that is to say.

Well, you know, these GOPpers, along with their jackass "opponents," have already demonstrated their moral bankruptcy many times over, in ways that range from military mass murder to wholesale robbery on an astronomical scale to frank, out-and-out tyranny. And I'm pretty well numb and resigned to the idea that sociopaths with innumerable superbly-armed minions hold the power of life and death over me. So, when it comes to their sexual mischief, either sodomaniacal or heteromaniacal, I can't get too exercised; it's not killing the innocent, and it gives the rest of us a tiny little bit of amusement: some (very) low comedy, and a great opportunity to give 'em the old horselaugh.

But the last two 'Pubbies have copped to adultery with women, not men, or teenage boys. I have to wonder: has the Party of Lincoln™ hit bottom, morally speaking, and begun the slightest hint of a rebound?

[Warning: if you're a Lincoln idolator, or are simply offended by vile material, don't watch the below. I include it only because it's hilarious, and I'm completely irresponsible.]

Or will it turn out that there's still another shoe to drop in the strange saga of Guv Sanford? Will we find out, in the next couple of days, that his dark-eyed, smoldering senorita is really a senor? I certainly have no track record for predicting such things. No doubt, another news cycle or so will tell.


Craig said...

When I was 6-7 years old my best friend was the son of a Baptist missionary from S.C. The family had come to live in my hometown to spread the word, start a church etc.

I have very fond memories of Brother Leonard telling me Bible stories and playing his guitar (he was secretly an Elvis fanatic).

Anyways, if I know anything about South Carolina Republican politics, I'm pretty sure that Baptists still hold quite a bit of sway, and they don't like adultery. Not to say they aren't forgiving and compassionate people, I believe the Baptists of S.C. are very much so. But I would consider the political career of Mark Sanford injured beyond repair.

Craig said...

By the way, the emails between the lovebirds are entertaining. What I want to read are the emails/texts between Sanford and his staff since Monday.