Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Plenty of Blame to Go Around

So: the U.S. Senate has once again demonstrated that it's as bad as the House of Representatives, this time by the razor-thin margin of 69 to 28. Yet, in some quarters, there continues to be great exultation about the coming Democratic Party sweep into undisputed power, legislative and executive. Hmmmmm ... anybody think 21 Senate seats will change hands? And, even if we lived in some parallel universe in which that would happen, anybody think 21 "better" Democrats would be elected? Yeah, me neither.

And yes, of course Senator Change We Can Believe In was among the 69. And yes, of course his vote will join the growing collection of his vile words and deeds that Democratic partisans will explain away as clever bits of election-year subterfuge, which the real Obama will immediately reverse and repudiate on gaining office. That is, of course, if everyone will just believe hard enough and clap loudly enough.

The terrifying truth is that most "progressives" are just fine with the anti-constitutional FISA secret-court system; they're just miffed because now AT&T won't be getting sued. Most "conservatives" are, obviously, wildly enthusiastic about the explosive growth of the authoritarian Surveillance State. Our supervisors took false oaths to look after the constitution, and they deserve to be shot for the way they've wiped their large and smelly asses on those oaths; however, 99%+ of Americans are getting nothing worse than the "government" that they so richly deserve. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the party's nearly over. All that remains to be seen is how ugly the last few minutes of it will be. I'm doing what I can -- which is to say, praying for mercy.

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lemming said...

At this point I think teh dems could vote to abolish Groundhog Day and no one would really notice.