Sunday, July 20, 2008

Climbing Up the Topsail ...

... and I lost my leg! Therefore, I'm shipping up to Boston:

in order to find my wooden leg. I think I'll try to avoid the hooligan-rockers, and instead visit these folks, who are preparing to test a nice piece of optics that is of sufficient interest to my day-job employer that I'm exiled to New England almost all week. (I'm not leaving until early Tuesday morning, but tomorrow's going to be a little crazy, and I doubt I'll get online.)

So, Deo volente, I'll be back next weekend, and I'll make a full report on conditions in eastern Massachusetts, to the extent that I'm able to observe them.


lemming said...

PLease have some chowder for me!

Jim Wetzel said...

I'm sorry, lemming, I failed us both. Not a bit of chowder did I have. I passed some up at lunch on Thursday, for the insufficient reason that it wasn't clam chowder; it was a corn-and-chicken chowder. I should have gotten it anyway. A couple of my companions did, and it looked good.

Next time, OK?