Friday, May 16, 2008


The Chittering Chimp Show has moved on from the Promised Land to PetroWorld:
Oil and Iran on Bush Saudi agenda

US President George W Bush has arrived in Saudi Arabia following a three-day visit to Israel.

His talks with King Abdullah are expected to focus on oil production and Iran's nuclear activities.

Mr Bush's trip to Israel coincided with the 60th anniversary of the country's foundation. He told MPs in Jerusalem the US was Israel's closest ally.

While not visiting the West Bank or Gaza Strip, Mr Bush is due to meet the Palestinian leader in Egypt later.

King Abdullah is expected to reject a renewed appeal to increase Saudi oil production to reduce soaring fuel prices.

But correspondents say the two leaders are likely to find common ground on Iran, which they see as a rising threat to Middle East stability.
Let's see if we can summarize:

El Supremo: Please, Mr. Allegedly Pro-Western Corrupt Ay-rab Despot, Your Highness, Sir, could you pump a little more oil so my chosen successor can get his ancient, psychotic ass elected this fall?

Da King: Nope.

El Supremo: Well, then, please, Your Excellency, Your Worshipfulness, Your Highness, Sir, would you mind if we expend a whole bunch more American lives and borrowed money to destroy a threat to you: an Islamic regime not affiliated with the U.S.?

Da King: Okay.

So, I wonder: what happens to "Middle East stability" (a joke in just three words!) when "king" Abdullah and the House of Saud get themselves overthrown by Bad Muslims, or maybe just decide it isn't in their interests to continue selling oil for wastepaper dollars? What happens when they decide that it's euros or nothing?


itsmecissy said...

About 75 percent of the world’s oil reserves are in OPEC countries, where governments voluntarily restrict their output to push up prices.

I PRAY TO GOD that I LIVE to see the day those oil reserves dry up and those camel molesters can't even GIVE the stuff away!

Of course, we will have learned the "greener" ways of wind and solar power, once we get rid of our Oil King Chimp and his sidekick, Darth Cheney.

itsmecissy said...

I guess holding hands with King Abdullah didn't work, maybe he should blow in the hairy guy's ear...