Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh, No! We've Been Deceived!

So: former Dubya press secretary Scott McClellan is disgruntled. Why, that Darth Cheney turns out to have been nothing but a wicked deceiver! And, even though the loyal and charitable Scott McC is oh-so-reluctant to doubt the Decider's sincerity ... well, it must be admitted that George the Slow got terribly off-track. Oh, cruel, cruel deceivers!

The trouble is that even I, a poor Hoosier mushroom out here in the very backwaters of flyover country, surely the least-connected biped in all the land, knew exactly what was going on, by, let's say, 25 September 2001 at the latest. That's the date by which I would claim it had become very obvious that Iraq was going to be invaded again, along with Afghanistan. Young Scott hadn't even thought of becoming press secretary yet when it was obvious to we hayseeds what would soon happen.

But he was fooled. He had no idea that the imperial government was less than honest. Seems to me that this is about as likely as that Tessio or Clemenza thought that Don Corleone was an honest olive-oil merchant.

I'm not here to pick on poor innocent Scotty. Others are already doing quite enough of that. I'm wondering about something else, and I'll address my question to those who voted for the Decider, or who are preparing to elect Old Field Marshal Bombs Away, or are looking forward to electing either Senator Obliterate Them at 3 A.M., or Senator Yes We Can Insist That All Options Are On the Table. I'd like to ask those who are enthusiastic about government, who has two legitimate antiwar presidential candidates they could have supported (Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich), as well as those who are skeptical about government (who had Ron Paul as a possibility). My question -- like me -- is both short and simple:

What's your excuse?

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