Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hope & Change! Yippee!

Eight years ago, those who supported one B. Obama were beside themselves with happiness, seeing hopey-changey rainbows all over the sky.  Those few of them who were smart enough to be capable of disappointment soon exercised that capability, as their somewhat-black hero turned out to be another warmongering corporate puppet.  For the rest: well, limited attention spans do offer some comforting compensations, and and and ... y'know, gay marriage!  Yeah!

But ... came 2016, and the Trumpster, and by gawd, Middle America stood right up, mad as hell, not gonna take it any more, build the wall, drain the swamp, lock her up, and so on.  And Trump won the presidency, and all of a sudden, hey, it's 2008 all over again!  A somewhat different group is giddy with happiness!  Hope & change are in the air again!

And, a couple of weeks post-election, and about two months pre-inauguration, our glorious president-elect and Artist of the Deal has declared that the generally-acknowledged criminal suspect Hillary Clinton won't be facing any sort of criminal prosecution.  And pray tell, Il Duce-to-be, why is that?  Well, he wants her to heal.  She's been through a tough time.

The Sovereign has spoken.

Gee.  Nice.

So, how great are the differences between Obummer and the Trumpster?  That has yet to be seen.  But we've already seen a significant resemblance.  Mrs. Clinton evaded the vengeance of the law under Obummer because it was His Royal Pleasure that she should do so.  Now, Mrs. Clinton will continue to be immune from Our Majestic Laws because it is His Excellency Lord Trump's pleasure that she shall continue to do so.

One standard of criminal accountability for you and for me and for the rest of the little people; and a very different standard for The Connected.  Yesterday, today, and forever.  Yep, things sure are different, now that we Amur'kans elected Trump!  In yet another Very Most Important, and Critical, and Crucial, Election Evarrrrrr.  Sure wish I'd voted.  'Cause if I had've, things would be really, really different.

Sorry, folks.  My fault.


Mimi said...

Jim, it's been a long time since we connected. I'm afraid I've more or less dropped political comment on my blog for just general "My Day" (did you know Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a column for of the women's magazines called that?) stuff that would bore the H-E-double toothpicks out of most people. Since I moved to California (Ventura), I have little hope of any change in our enthusiasm for killing abroad (as long as the targets are poor people who don't look like us). I thought this would be a hotbed of anti-war groups, but far from it, I'm afraid. I have made a number of like-minded people on Facebook, so that's something.
Anyway, just thought I'd touch base and say hello. I hope you and our family are well.

Jim Wetzel said...

Hi, Mimi! At least you're still writing your blog -- not a claim I can make. I'm basically just paralyzed ... the crap that goes on gets so much more bizarre by the day, I seriously don't know where to start.

My immediate family and I are well enough. My wife had kidney cancer back in '13, but it was seen at a very early stage during imaging for something else, and was right down on the end of the kidney where it was easy to carve off. Myself, I acquired a new shoulder joint seven weeks ago, made of titanium, chromoly, and a little engineering plastic here and there. It supposedly does not require a competent rotator cuff to hold it in alignment and make it operable, which is good, since I don't have a competent rotator cuff. Rehab's only about half done, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Great to hear from you!