Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Nonvoting Reflections, Post-Election

News flash: this post is being written in a Starbucks, on my way back from my annual Texas trip (you know, Tour de Gruene, etc.).  Oh, the wonders of this modern world!  Why, I'm almost  in the 21st century now!

Yes, I know I've been absent for a long time now.  Slacking.  Actually, given the events of the past year-and-a-half, just haven't known where to start.  I still don't know, really.  But since everyone's weeping or gloating over yesterday's Big Show, I thought I'd jump back in, at least one post's worth.

On the whole, I applaud yesterday's result.  No, I didn't vote for Trump (perish the thought of my voting, please!).  No, I don't support Trump.  No, I don't like Trump.  Trump's a clown, and a garishly sleazy one at that.  There, now that's over with.

Then, there was the alternative.  First woman president?  More of a female impersonator, as far as I can tell.  Desperately corrupt.  Plenty of that above-the-law entitlement.  A much more convincing warmonger than Trump.  And, based on history, completely impeachment-proof.  Can't say that about Trump ... since 110% of the Democratic Party, 108% of the moribund news media, and 96% of the GOP all hate him, I half-expect him to be impeached on Inauguration Day, by late afternoon.  (Pence, "my" former Guv'nor here in Indiana, has already demonstrated here that he's a cowardly windvane; the Uniparty will have no trouble in managing him.)  On the other hand, Our Supervisors may not bother with an impeachment process.  I'm sure that CIA or one of the many other alphabet-soup outfits already have a contingency plan or three all ready to go, to give him a JFK-style removal from office.  If I were Trump -- and I'm very glad I'm not -- I'd make sure to have a ring of physical security, chosen and paid by me, between me and the Secret "Service."

So, what happens in a Trump regime?  I'm not at all sure.  Most likely, it will turn out that he wasn't serious about much that he said -- even assuming that he can remember it.  Based on his victory remarks, my guess is that he'll make nice with the rest of the ruling class, and perhaps get along very well indeed.  If he tries to implement any significant fraction of his campaign themes, particularly having to do with establishing a measure of control along the southern US border, he'll be reminded of the 110%, the 108%, and the 96% delineated above.

The first thing I'm curious about is what happens to the Clinton organized crime enterprise (to include the Podestas and Abedin-Wieners therein, not to mention the pseudonymously-emailing outgoing El Presidente).  I see three possibilities.  One: Obomber pardons one and all on his way out.  If that doesn't happen, we'll get a quick read on whether Trump's going to try to be serious, or not.  If he is, there'll be a full-up, serious, prison-time sort of investigation/prosecution.  If not -- and I think this is more likely -- he'll make nice, water under the bridge, let's move along.  We shall see.

Finally, I must admit that I'm by no means above the base satisfactions of Schadenfreude.  If I had been a voter, I'd have been sorely tempted to vote Trump, simply for the low pleasure of seeing so much displeasure among so many whose displeasure is a source of unworthy satisfaction to me.  I didn't, so I once again successfully resisted temptation.  Still, I'll have to admit that I've had several chuckles already today.  And, as far as I know, the pathetic George Will hasn't even checked in yet!  I'm sure I have some guilty pleasures still in store.  Do you suppose he'll showily leave the country?  Cool.

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