Monday, June 24, 2013

Here's to Childish Games

Way back when I was just an itty-bitty little optical engineer, the other kids and I would often be involved in a very simple game that we called "Keep Away."  It was played with a ball or some other easily-throwable object.  One of the kids was "it," and the idea was that the ball got tossed from one person to another while the "it" person tried to intercept the ball.  In other words, the ball was tossed around from person to person while being kept away from "it."

So, Edward Snowden is the ball, and the US is "it."  I just hope the other kids (China, Russia, Ecuador, and so on) are careful with Mr. Snowden.  It certainly is fun to see the Almighty US Hyperpower getting all mad and red-faced because the other kids won't let it grab the ball.

And, for those who still imagine that there's even the slightest, tiniest difference between the Jackass and Elephant caucuses in the War Party, just check out John Kerry in the above-linked news item.  I remember, not so many years ago, when he was being promoted as some sort of "peace" alternative to Gee Dumbya Bush as Killer-in-Chief.  Now, in his official capacity as flunky to the Great Pale-Beige-ish Hope, he's just a-snarlin' with the best of them.  Be sure to vote, now.  Voting changes things.

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Mimi said...

Isn't it tiresome to hear people championing one politician or another or one party over another? In Jersey, we have a republican governor, Chris Christie, who seems to be grooming himself for a run at the presidency. The papers are full of yay and nay from both sides, of course, as if it actually matters. As for Kerry, a true snake in the grass like all the others.