Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Animals are Equal, but Some are Even More Equal Than Others

From today's issue of the local fishwrap:

A new law extends the charge of intimidation to include using social media to post threats.
•The crime is a D felony if the threat is lodged against an employee of a school, hospital or church. The prison sentence can range from six months to three years.
•The crime rises to a C felony if the target is a prosecutor, deputy prosecutor, judge or bailiff. It carries a prison sentence of three to eight years.
•Threats against individuals and threats intended to interfere with the occupancy of public buildings, such as bomb threats, would be misdemeanors.
 Hmmmmm.  Threaten an "individual" (a mere Mundane), and you're a misdemeanant.  Threaten one of the Priesthood of Coercion (" ... a prosecutor, deputy prosecutor, judge or bailiff ..."), and you're a "C" felon, heading off to 3-to-8 years in the Rape Gulag.  Clearly, some people are much more valuable than others.  Big surprise which is which, isn't it?


Mimi said...

“...but especially in this day and age, these threats have to be given their due credibility...”
It's amazing how these self-important officials employ the same clichés from Fort Worth to Philadelphia. That "especially in this day and age..." points up what very dangerous times we live in, so we should be willing--happy, even!--to have every nook and cranny of our lives snooped into by "authorities."

Jim Wetzel said...

Yes, you'd almost think they're all reading from the same script, wouldn't you?

Cal said...

Hey Jim,

You ought to read a book called "Blood Sacrifice & The Nation". It read like a sociology textbook, but some of quotes caused my blood to chill. Sort of like realizing you're in the Matrix. Here's a relevant quote:

"The totem god of society, which turns out to be society itself, cannot do without its must possess and consume, it must eat its worshipers to live."

And at the rate we're going, I hope when the time comes we get to share a cell block.


Jim Wetzel said...

Sounds good to me. Just think of all that free health care we'll get in the joint!