Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Simple Solutions to Vexing Problems

It seems that The Greatest Drone Warrior Chieftain the World Has Ever Known, Barack O'Bomber, is unsatisfied with the conduct of his vast murder empire.  So here's a public service from the management of The Chestnut Tree Cafe:

Dear Supreme Death Commander,

A reduction in the size of your built-to-fail jobs program and "defense" contractor profits machine by a factor of about 10,000 would also reduce the incidence of sex crime therein by at least the same factor.  Probably more, since you could then be a little more, shall we say, selective about who participates.  Yes, it's true that the mission would have to be scaled back by the same factor.  A military establishment whose scale is reduced by four orders of magnitude would have to restrict itself to the actual defense of actual US territory against the actual (microscopic) threat of invasion of said territory.  Is that a bad thing?

Admittedly, it's very bad for your corporate masters at LockMart / Gen Dyn / GE and so on.  Again, though: how bad is that for actual American people, as opposed to the astronomically-overcompensated minions of Hell?

You're welcome,

   --- Your friends at the Chestnut Tree Cafe

P.S.  No, no -- no medals for us, please.  Service is its own reward.  Thanks anyway!


Mimi said...

And here's what you'll get back:
Dear Mr. Chestnut:
Thank you for your support. I commend you for your staunch defense of our American way of life and your determination that those enemies of democracy, such as--well, all those scumbags in the middle east, will not prevail in their evil machinations to overthrow the greatest country on the face of the earth that ever was and ever will be. (And if there are any in space, there, too.)
Those oily--oops, those awful A-rabs--just don't come close to our wonderfulness, so we gotta get rid of them and seize their--never mind.
Yours in Sociopathy,

val said...

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