Monday, May 06, 2013

How the Ruling Class Lives

Yes, I know, playing golf is undoubtedly one of the least-harmful things these sociopaths ever do.  I suppose that if they spent every second of every day on the course, the flushing-away of our liberties would pretty much cease.  And lots of Muslims would have a better chance of getting through the day alive, and just maybe attending a wedding without being Hellfire'd abruptly out of existence.

Still ... doesn't this gall you, just a bit?  Prexy and a handful of lawfakers tee it up, and that's considered work.  That's their jobs.  Political fundraising and schmoozing each other for "deals" -- in which they win, and you and I lose -- that's their version of working fingers to bone.  These sons of bitches wouldn't know work if it rose up out of the fourteenth fairway and bit them on their well-upholstered asses, which sounds like a pretty good idea, really.

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Cal said...

It goes luxury->college->graduate programs->political offices with some stints in the real world to make them "credible" as real people. This describes most of those clowns. For most of them it is the equivalent of a board game.

I'm glad they're playing golf more than actively pursuing anything. Like you said, the fascism would have engulfed everything by now.

Thankfully the Lord has his hook in this beast's nose, and it will be dashed to pieces one day. Yet, the people who happened to be born in this country will suffer for a long time for its injustice. Sad, but his kingdom carries on still.