Sunday, December 16, 2012


I just watched the Peace Laureate performing his function as Official Comforter of Stricken Communities ... in this case, Newtown, Connecticut, where the most recent school slaughter happened last week.  He must have told his speechwriting staff to wax poetic, and they seem to have earned their paychecks.

Yes, I'm sickened and appalled, just as we're all officially supposed to be.  But right now, what sickens me are the uses to which the regime -- surely, a manifestation of detestable evil -- puts the pathetic bodies of the dead.  In this case, it's not hard to see that they'll be used as a means of further diminishing the liberties remaining to we serfs, and to enhance the powers of our rulers.  No great surprise there.

But I'm also thinking about other bodies.  Other children's bodies.  But not in Connecticut.  I'm thinking of ones in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Yemen, and Pakistan.  I'm thinking about the Peace Laureate's hired torpedoes (sorry, I must have meant "our heroes in uniform") who kill children ... brownish ones, with funny names ... to advance the alleged US "national interest" in the filthy international games of wealth and power and dominance and advantage.  Or to bolster the political standing and tough-guy image of the clowns in American political offices, jackass and elephant alike.  Or for the sporting satisfaction of our heroes in uniform, soon to be seeking jobs in American "police forces" ... sleep well, Mr. and Mrs. America!

My, how the state does nourish itself on dead bodies: foreign and domestic alike.  Revolting.

Of all the humane and eloquent words mouthed by the Peace Laureate, which do not apply at least as well to the last twenty or thirty underage Muslim victims of drone attacks, ordered by this same Official Comforter?  What did he say about the American schoolchildren that isn't at least as true of the collateral damage that he so cheerfully inflicts overseas?

Sow the wind -- reap the whirlwind.


Mimi said...

Jim, you always seem to say what I wish I could in the way you do. Also, take note of Arthur Silber's post, which compares the NYTimes description of Adam Lanza's personna with its description of Bradley Manning's. So similar and both are to be vilified by all proper citizens, the mass murderer and the one who revealed the horrors behind our "war effort.".

Jim Wetzel said...

Thank you, ma'am. I read the Arthur Silber post, and it was excellent ... and the parallel with the media treatment of Bradley Manning was very apt. Wish I'd thought of it.

Anonymous said...

It is ghoulish the way politicians, BB in particular, have jostled each other to get themselves in the news (getting "ink" they call it) by exploiting the horror in Connecticut. BB is using the opportunity to advantage his political agenda in the greatest possible degree. An ounce of temerity is worth a pound of decency in politics, as usual. But this is so vulgar...

As your December 16th post sez, we all express horror and disgust at the events in Sandy Hook as we are expected to. But we needn't any coaching in the revulsion to that transcendent horror. All those pudgy-cheeked little innocents in a mass obituary... of all the mass shootings I can recall this is the most tragic and revolting.

But the political ghouls who feed on the tragedy to further their agendas are the vilest miscreants in the land. BB is the worst. (You can think of BB as “Big Brother” since I am writing this a comment to the Chestnut Tree blog, or you can think of it as “Big Barack” or maybe “Bolshevik Barack”) He must have been elated at such an opportunity to push his socialist agenda of disarming and subjugating the population of this country to a point from which they could no longer defend themselves or even object. Let’s wish him every possible humiliation and failure.

Meanwhile, just to do something constructive I’m sending $100 to the NRA.