Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Total Fantasy -- No Links

A question occurred to me today, as I was headed back from the dentist's office to the day job.

Someone on the radio had been explaining that the Republican Party is toast ... how it is that their opposition is a poor black guy, presiding over a dead economy, but the GOPpers are so brain-dead and bereft of first-rank political talent that they're about to lose -- again -- to O'Patches.  The Republican braintrust: Angry-Pants McCain, last time, and Mittens the Plastic Mormon this time.  Probably true, I thought, and ... yeah, that's okay.  Good thing about this election is that one of these clowns assuredly loses it.  Bad thing ... the other one wins.  But, you take the bad with the good: what's your alternative?

But then I thought about the poor, stupid, hopeless GOP, and I thought: what if the Republican Party simply went out of business?  No more RNC, no more fundraisers, no more conventions, no more candidates.  Just: "You win.  We're done."

Seriously: I wonder what would happen.  Anyone have a theory?

I doubt it would be nearly as good for the Democratic political machine as one might, at first, think.

Nope, it won't happen.  I don't think the death of either caucus of the War Party is anything our supervisors would ever permit.  Kind of a fun thing to think about, though.


Mimi said...

Hmm...interesting thought. Here's another: I honestly believe--or at least don't DISBELIEVE--that the two major parties may meet in secfret to decide who gets to win this time. Does that seem beyond possibility?

Anonymous said...

Doing away with the fiction of a"two-party" system is probably akin to pulling the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz. Only Dorothy realizes that he has no power. The rest of citizens still worship him.

Jim Wetzel said...

Mimi, that's an interesting thought. I guess I'm a little doubtful about secret meetings, simply because the organic Establishment unity between the two caucuses is, I think, complete enough that: (1) it doesn't really matter which one wins, and (2) whatever they'd talk about in secret probably spreads through the Group Mind on its own, pretty much. Kind of like the Borg: no meetings needed, really.

Anonymous, that's an apt way of expressing the idea I had: the specious drama is an essential part of the service our Leaders provide to those of us in the herd. Can't have a football game without two different jersey colors on the field; nor could you make a "Star Wars" movie without some Sith Lords and Darth This-or-Thats. The show must go on.