Monday, August 20, 2012

Today's Laugh

Certainly hope the "American Israel Education Foundation" is satisfied that it got its money's worth:

A GOP freshman congressman from Kansas apologized last night for a nude swim in the Sea of Galilee last summer during an official trip to Israel.

 Rep. Kevin Yoder issued a statement after Politico reported the FBI investigated the incident, which included drinking and involved several lawmakers and top congressional aides.

The Sea of Galilee is a holy site to Christians. The Bible says it is where Jesus walked on water.
Well, to some Christians, no doubt.  Possibly to those believers who also consider Dollywood to be a holy site.  But anyway: 
The trip was paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation. The Kansas City Star said the organization spent $20,087 for Yoder and his wife's travel, lodging, meals and other expenses for the Aug. 13-21, 2011, trip, according to records kept by

Cantor's chief of staff, Doug Heye, said in a statement to Politico and CNN that the House majority leader "dealt with this immediately and effectively to ensure such activities would not take place in the future."

 Tiffany Quayle, the wife of Arizona GOP Rep. Ben Quayle, told CNN in a statement that she and her husband were on the trip but they "were neither party nor witness to any of the inappropriate behavior" described in the Politico article.

The Politico story also named Republican Reps. Steve Southerland of Florida, Tom Reed of New York, Jeff Denham of California and Michael Grimm of New York as taking part in the swimming, although Yoder was the only one who was said to be naked.
 Well, as long as none of these guys casts a vote in the future which could throw doubt on his status as a fully-loyal vassal of the nation* to which they owe their first and unconditional allegiance, no problem.  I mean, boys will be boys.  If any ever stray from the reservation, though ... hangin's too good for 'em, and it has nothing to do with their swimwear.  Somehow, I'm sure there's no danger of that.

*Hint: name of nation spelled without the letter "U."


Cal said...

I forgot that the human body is so polluted that to be naked in a "holy lake" is to commit a crime (???).

Americana's Civil Religion is totally pagan for those with eyes to see. At least Roman Civil Religion was interesting and not a charade of using Christian lingo while worshiping Mars, Victoria and Pluto.

Mimi said...

Why would ANYBODY care about who swims where in what? What possible justificaion could there be for reporting, noticing, and discussing this? Human beings are being slaughtered around the globe by our hired killers and this is what catches the attendtion of the citizenry? There's no hope.