Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Hate to Repeat Myself, But ...

... obviously, I'm willing to do so.

So, the Supremes didn't save us from the Socialist Scourge of Obamacare.  And the news tells us that we have one Supreme in particular to thank or blame for that:
The opinion by the chief justice is likely to surprise his liberal critics and his conservative admirers. He played the decisive role in rejecting the Republican-led legal challenge to the Democrats’ most ambitious social legislation in decades.
 I wonder if this will make Mittens pause, even for a moment, before telling the GOP base that they'd best get out and vote for him this fall, so that eee-vill judges don't get named to join the Supremes.  Really, he doesn't need to worry.  The reason the Republican "base" is the base is that they're superbly adapted to being on the bottom, underneath those who make their livings exploiting the base's room-temperature IQ.

And meanwhile, once again: be sure to vote, now.  Voting changes things!  Just ask the GOP faithful who elected the guy who appointed "Swing Vote" Roberts.  What was his name, now?  Rhymed with "bush," didn't it?

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