Saturday, December 03, 2011

Somebody Else Can't Stand the Smell

No, I'm not going to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary. There are several good reasons for that. One is that the Indiana primary happens in May, by which time Rep. Paul probably won't still be campaigning; another is that I don't vote any more, and all of my reasons for that still apply. Having said that, I'll go on to say that you've still got to love you some Ron Paul from time to time, especially when you juxtapose this:

Gingrich: “How Could You Turn Down the Donald?”

with this:

Paul Says No to Trump Debate

'Nuf said.


Mimi said...

As I commented on your original "won't vote" entry, I will follow your lead in refusing to buy into the idiot idea that voting is a sacred duty. BTW, I think having a mega-millionaire clown "moderate" a republican "debate" is perfect stagecraft. It so beautifully illustrates the joke--sick joke, but joke--of national politics.

Onesnap said...

Following your blog as well! :) My husband is a computer engineer. Very challenging, hard work but always interesting! Nice to meet you in the real world as well as on MFP!

Jim Wetzel said...

Mimi, that's a good thought: truth is much more important than dignity, so in fact I'm happy to see "The Donald" hosting a GOP presidential "debate." The worse, the better, as far as I can see ... let's have ... oh, I don't know, let's have Dennis Rodman or Mike Tyson or someone do the next one. Kim Kardashian, maybe! Never mind making us feel good -- better that we should see where we really stand, even though it is a hundred feet deep in the sewer.

Onesnap, thanks so much for stopping by! I've added your link to my blogroll, not that it will bring you any traffic; it's just selfishness on my part. When I get online, I like to be able to make the rounds one click at a time ... my blogroll is really for my own benefit, although everyone's certainly encouraged to check out Raspberry Beret. I really like that as a name for a blog, by the way ... I've had the tune in my head all day! I'm glad you didn't call it "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" ... some things, you just don't want in your head.

Phil Marx said...

Totally unrelated to your current post - but I thought you might enjoy this.