Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not a Happy Camper

Rob Payne, that is. You'd think he'd be much more grateful to be living in the Greatest Most Wonderfullest Biggest Baddest Country There's Ever Been or Ever Could Be:
This is where the cultural aspects of American stupidity come into play. The military since WWII has become the sacred cow of American life. Even anti-war activists cannot help but tag “and our brave troops fighting in service to America” onto every anti-war piece that they write. Whatever the troops may be they are not in anyone’s service except perhaps that of Wall Street and the oil industries. The true nature of the troops is that they are parasites, very expensive parasites that produce nothing except misery at home and abroad costing the American tax payers dearly in billions every year that could have been put to much better use back in the States. Yet because of the intractable culture of all things military that lives on in the hearts and minds of most Americans very few can see much less admit to such a simple and obvious truth regarding “the troops.” The “liberal” news media of course do their best to keep such noxious beliefs alive and well with their embedded reporters and absurdly sentimental reporting on “the troops” ever portraying them as heroes and brave lads and lasses fighting for their country.
Hmmmmm, he's not a supporter of The Troops. Doubleplusungood. But maybe he'll say a good word for our historic first sort-of beige president?
American culture has become militarized to the point where people are mostly blind to the awful fact that congress has just passed legislation that gives our government the right to assassinate American citizens or imprison them for the rest of their lives on the say-so and whims of a bloody handed tyrant who goes by the name of Barack Obama. This legislation is so vague that it can be construed by the American government to the broadest interpretations possible and is in fact a loaded gun in the hands of the unscrupulous such as Barack Obama our Peace Laureate president. US citizens have just been stripped of their most basic and important rights, the right to trial by jury, and the very right to life itself, the ultimate and most important of all rights. Yet Americans continue on as if in a daze more enthralled with the latest telephone gadgets with large screens then they are with important legislation that shall soon impact them in a most destructive manner. If you ponder this as you might well it is no accident that this legislation that smacks of the Nazi movement comes on the heels of the recent OWS movement where some Americans are on the brink of realizing that the government is not what they thought it was. What better way to keep the great unwashed in line than this draconian legislation that Obama once said he would veto but now shall not – now that it is more in line with his own wishes for more power.
This illustrates how far from being "colorblind" we really are. The current insane, malicious, murderous policies, implemented by a decrepit mouth-foaming Caucasian such as McCain, might shock or alarm us. But recruit instead a younger, nominally-black smoothie like the dead-eyed psycho who now infests the office as the corporate cat's-paw for those same policies, and there's no problem. Day by day, "Idiocracy" becomes, more and more, prophecy.


rob payne said...


Thanks for the mention. I’ve been enjoying your posts here which always seem to stay on target. This is one of the few blogs that is always worth reading because you do stay on target.

Phil Marx said...

There is no doubt that the military forces of our country are terrorizing thousands of innocent civilians, on that point I agreee with you. But I think I disagree as to who holds more responsibility for the problem.

I blame the corrupt politicians and the meak and disinterested American public for arming these men, training them to kill, then giving them bad instructions (coming from the politicians) or no instructions (coming from the public).

In all seriousness, I ask what you think a soldier should do in such a situation.

Also, here's a nice video to go along with your post.