Thursday, October 07, 2010

Stuck in the Middle With You

Obviously, I can't stop it, but maybe I can laugh at it:
Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Warlords named for characters in a Quentin Tarantino movie and rocks used to simulate guards at untended posts illustrate mismanagement of U.S. security contracting in Afghanistan, a Senate investigation found.

The Senate Armed Services Committee, in a report issued today after a yearlong probe, detailed cases of private security contractors funneling U.S. taxpayer dollars to warlords tied to murder, kidnapping and bribery. Some of the people paid with U.S. funds worked with the Taliban or took part in actions directed against the U.S.-led coalition fighting the war, the committee concluded.


ArmorGroup referred to two of the warlords as Mr. White and Mr. Pink, the names of characters in Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” film.

“Despite reports linking ‘Pink’ to the Taliban, ArmorGroup continued to employ his men for more than a month” after “Mr. White” was murdered, allegedly by “Mr. Pink,” according to the statement. ArmorGroup eventually fired the men in part because of “Pink’s” links to the Taliban.

The report concluded that the case demonstrated a failure of contractors such as ArmorGroup to vet and properly supervise their personnel and ensure compliance with regulations.

ArmorGroup engaged workers from two local villages “only upon the recommendation and encouragement of U.S. Special Forces,” said Susan Pitcher, a spokeswoman for G4S, in an e- mailed statement. The committee reported that an unnamed U.S. military “team leader” recommended “Mr. Pink” as a point of contact to steer villagers looking for work at the air base and didn’t recall suggesting “Mr. White.”
OK, I have just one question at this point:


You are, by the way, advised not to respond by asking "What?"


Mimi said...

Well, he doesn't look like a bitch, that's for sure.

Jim Wetzel said...

True dat. Black, yes; bald, for sure; but bitch, no.

Quentin Tarantino's movies: crude, coarse, ultraviolent, and generally indefensible. But since I'm kind of indefensible, too, I may as well admit that they're one of my many guilty pleasures.

Mimi said...

Jim, we must be kindred spirits, at least up to a point. I loved "Pulp Fiction," but not necessarily other Tarantino films.