Monday, October 11, 2010

I Knew It!

But, since I failed to post at the time, I have no hard evidence of my prescience. If you looked online this past weekend, though, I'm sure you saw the news stories about how this poor British aid worker, who had been kidnapped by the Musselmen, had been slaughtered by them as the heroic American Troops™ were just about to rescue her. Hmmmm, I thought, this sure has a Pat Tillman kind of smell to it. I wonder if she actually got dusted by The Troops™? And then, this morning, sure enough, there it was:
As the family of the 36-year-old raised concerns over the failed rescue mission which led to her death, David Cameron confirmed that Miss Norgrove may have died as a result of so-called 'friendly fire'.

The Prime Minister announced that a full investigation is being launched into the circumstances of the tragedy.

It had initially been reported that Miss Norgrove died after her rebel captors detonated a suicide vest as American troops closed in on them.

The victim's parents have demanded a full explanation for the events surrounding her capture and failed rescue, amid claims that her release could have been negotiated.
Good luck in pressing your demands, victim's parents. Might as well just relax and Support the Troops.


Phil Marx said...

Dear Sir;

Thank you for this patriotic post and for urging others to support The Troops ™. Unfortunately, you forgot to mark your last use of our corporate logo with the trademark symbol. We are thus compelled to sue you.

Thank you again for your support.
Sincerely, The Troops Lawyer ©

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, but, alas, I can't prove it either. Who has time to post about every lie the government tells?

Mimi said...

Horror piled on horror for her parents...

Jim Wetzel said...

@ Phil: Sorry, man. I missed it. Good luck with that lawsuit. I think I've got six bucks in my pocket at the moment. Just wait a day or two, though; I'm supposed to be getting paid this week.

@ akaGaGa: Posting about every government lie: wow, talk about a Sisyphean task! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

@ Mimi: It seems like I see so much of this stuff, it's easy to not make the effort to put myself into the shoes of those who got hurt directly. Thanks for the perspective-restorer.