Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"An' I'm Proud to Be an American, Where ..."

Ah, ye free Americans! Ye lucky inhabitants of the Free-est Nation in History! And getting free-er all the time!

You know, if you were really free -- even approximately so -- maybe it wouldn't matter so much when one of your Nine Judicial Masters required replacement. The meaningless "confirmation hearings" probably wouldn't be a national obsession. But, you know ... they sure are, no?


Craig said...

Yes, the hearings are meaningless and boring, but I thought this exchange between Sen. Graham and Kagan was worth a chuckle:

Kagan’s Jewishness also took center stage later in the day. Graham, probing Kagan on threats to the United States, asked her if she was unnerved by the Christmas Day bomber.

“Where were you on Christmas Day?” Graham asked.

“Like all Jews,” Kagan responded, “I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.”


akaGaGa said...

I read that exchange, too, but I actually found it a little unnerving - she's quick and smart and who knows what she'll dream up?

But then I decided not to be scared and decided to thank God for Kagan. You should try this approach. I really think I'm on to something. :)