Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Virago Watch

Mrs. Clinton has been heard from again. She's thumping her hairy chest about those naughty, naughty NoKos, and how the Colossus of the West is going to deal with them:
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the international community must respond in the growing crisis over the sinking of a South Korean warship.

She said there was "overwhelming" evidence that North Korea was to blame, and urged Pyongyang to halt its "policy of belligerence".

[ ... ]

"I believe that the Chinese understand the seriousness of this issue and are willing to listen to the concerns expressed by both South Korea and the United States," Mrs Clinton said on Wednesday.

"We expect to be working with China as we move forward in fashioning a response."
Perhaps the heroic Secretary should have checked with our fine government's largest creditor before speaking:
Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun earlier said his country was still evaluating information on the sinking of the Cheonan.

"We have always believed that dialogue is better than confrontation," he added.
I don't know about the rest of you, but my personal outrage over the sinking of the mighty Cheonan is nearly unlimited. I don't care how broke we are; I don't care how many more billions in borrowing might be required. We must avenge the proudest corvette in the South Korean navy!

Otherwise, we'll lose face. Otherwise, the world will doubt our ability to project power and impose our will anywhere and everywhere on the globe. Otherwise, we might just as well withdraw all our soldiers from South Korea.

Now, there's an idea.


Mimi said...

What really infuriates me is Clinton's opening statement of "sympathy" for the families of the sailors killed. It makes me sick to hear these monsters--politicians and "world leaders," I mean--to pretend to even a dram of humanity when the proles get in the line of fire. Oh, yes, we'll avenge them by slaughtering a bunch of other people, then they'll fight back, then we'll do our dirty deeds elsewhere, using any excuse to hang our aggression on. And so it goes...

Jim Wetzel said...

She's a piece of work, all right. Remember the '08 Democratic primaries, with Obama as the peace-seeking breath of fresh air, and La Hillary as the Imperial business-as-usual legacy from the DLC/Clinton era? So the Barack-ster got nominated and elected, and now we have her health-care proposal (the "personal mandate") and the old foreign policy, on steroids ... with Herself as front-person. Terrific.

Everybody be sure to vote, now. Voting changes things.

akaGaGa said...

thumping her hairy chest??? Would that my imagery was on a par with yours. :)

I used to keep an Obama dictionary to provide translations for average folks with non-politicized dictionaries. I gave it up when it became a full-time job, but I'll just add one here:

international community = Amerika