Monday, May 17, 2010

Dubya's Third Term Marches Inexorably On

At last, I understand why some people are all exercised over Barack Obama's birth certificate. It's not a question of where he was born, though ... the real question is, does he exist at all? I think probably not. Given the evidence -- what's gone on since the Chosen One's inauguration -- the most likely explanation is that Cheney's still running things. And rather than working with the flesh-and-blood dunce/sock-puppet Booosh, he's now operating with a CGI avatar. Yes, I think that "Mr. Obama" could be better characterized not as the "Chosen One," but as the "Generated One." Today's evidence:
"The United States will continue to work with our international partners, and through the United Nations Security Council, to make it clear to the Iranian government that it must demonstrate through deeds -- and not simply words -- its willingness to live up to international obligations or face consequences, including sanctions," Gibbs said. "Iran must take the steps necessary to assure the international community that its nuclear program is intended exclusively for peaceful purposes, including by complying with U.N. Security Council resolutions and cooperating fully with the IAEA.
Yes, through his hopey-changey, ones-and-zeroes, wholly-artificial frontman, Cheney is still working on his next war. I wonder what the chances are that Israel The Precious will be called upon by the "Security" Council to demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful? (Or, as far as that goes, the United State of America?) Don't think I'll hold my breath, waiting for either of those to happen.

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