Saturday, February 27, 2010

Postus Bloggandus Non Scribant

Or, as we say around here, ain't been writin' no blog posts. Home: wife's foot surgery, non-weight-bearing for some time yet. Day job: bench test campaign, high pressure. Night job: well, the usual -- grading, update online homework solutions, etc.

I figure things will ease up over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I don't anticipate posting much, if at all.

Hope everyone's having a good late winter. Always assuming there is any such thing, of course.


akaGaGa said...

Well, I for one miss your unique perspective on the world, but it sounds like you have pretty good excuses.

Hope your wife's foot heals properly. My foot hurts just thinking about surgery.

See ya' in the spring?

Rebecca said...

Aw! Hope things settle down for you soon. Ouch, surgery. :-p OUCH homework! :-p :-p