Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With Representatives Like These ...

... who needs revolting, bloody-handed poseurs? Check it out:
WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Four dozen prominent Christian leaders asked Congress and other world leaders to call for immediate sanctions on Iran.

In an open letter, Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-Free Iran -- an ad hoc group that claims to represent more than 28 million evangelicals, Roman Catholics and other Christians -- calls for "immediate action to address Iran’s program to develop and deploy nuclear weapons" by imposing economic sanctions on companies which help Iran produce or import refined petroleum products, and by initiating a boycott of any arms sales to Iran.

Among the signatories are Christian Broadcasting Network president Pat Robertson; Prison Fellowship Ministries chairman Charles Colson; the Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land; American Values President Gary Bauer; and Pastor John Hagee, Christians United for Israel chairman.
Rather than grumble about the scrofulous character of my self-appointed representatives, I'll echo another person's comment on this item: I wonder when I'll see "an ad hoc group" called "Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-Free Israel?"

Yeah. Don't think I'll hold my breath.


Mort Chien said...

Seems like if a Bomitzvah is OK, an Islamabomb would be a valid counter balance. Of course they both could be "bad" - oh, never mind.

Bauer, Hagee, Robertson, Lahay, Hal Lindsey, Oral Roberts. All reasons why I left fundamentalism. How can anyone take the "most holy faith" "once for all delivered to the saints" seriously with spokesmen like these.


Jim Wetzel said...

God has an answer. I, of course, have none.