Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing the Obvious

There being a current shortage of dead alleged entertainers, our managers seem to think we Americans need some other diversion to prevent our noticing the ongoing government/corporate looting of the wreckage of the republic. So, this non-story has legs that keep on runnin'.

The professionally-racially-aggrieved appear to be willing to be mollified, if only the cops could show that they abuse white people at the same rate as colored people. And most white people appear to think that it's fine that the cops should go on abusing people, because they're pretty sure that white people aren't getting cop-abused.

It's the old divide-and-dominate game. Get us at each other's throats, and we won't ask why we should pay a whole class of uniformed thugs to abuse us. We'll just quibble about the details of the distribution of the abuse.

Want less cop abuse? Have fewer cops -- lots fewer cops.


lemming said...

The bit that bugs me about this is that, IMHO, Gates had a right to be annoyed that he was asked to show ID in his own home.

Leave out the fame, leave the rest of it out for a moment, and think about that. If I were seen breaking in to my own home and the police demanded ID, I would be annoyed. If I were jet lagged and already annoyed...

Mimi said...

Jim, I've become accustomed to your sensible, succinct posts on various matters and now you've done it again. "A non-story" is exactly the descriptiion this deserves. Aside from the mischief caused by the media once again trying to pit black against white (or maybe left against right), it deserves more a "ho-hum" than an "oh, no!"

Mort Chien said...

The most interesting part about the non-story is, IMHO, one that is being ignored: why any sitting president would stoop to comment on a local controversy when local authorities have the right and duty to review what did or did not happen.

On a lighter note: perhaps we could draft Joe the Plumber and Gates the Prof for our next commandant in chief. Probably couldn't do worse and maybe could do better. Chances are neither is owned yet by any wholly paid subsidiaries of the national parties.

Jim Wetzel said...

lemming, I'd go a little farther than that. I tend to think that, when we suspect the die Polzei are at the door, they should be treated to the sight of our shotgun muzzles when we open up.

Mimi, thanks so much for your kind words.

Mort, I have to give the Obummer a partial break on this one; I think he commented only after a comment was solicited in a press conference. (Not that it would have been so difficult for him to say, "It's none of my business." But, given his worldview, I suppose it's inevitable that he must regard absolutely everything as being his business.)