Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are We Worrying Our Supervisors?

Commissar Holder affects concern that we're becoming mutinous:
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder warned on Wednesday of increased "radicalization" of Americans in recent months, two days after seven people were arrested in North Carolina for allegedly plotting attacks overseas.

Holder, the top U.S. law enforcement officer, expressed significant concerns about people going abroad and then returning to the United States with the "aim of doing harm to the American people."

"The constant scream of threats, the kind of things you have to be aware about, the whole notion of radicalization is something that didn't loom as large a few months ago ... as it does now," Holder said in an interview with ABC News.
Myself, I disagree with the Commissar. I'm pretty sure that as long as there's the NFL, the NBA, the Global War on Swarthy Foreigners, and "Amur'kan Eye-Dull," we'll all be torpidly placid.

But, then, when you lose your job, you can't pay your cable bill, nor can you upgrade to a suitable new HDTV. So, to you, the necessities of HappyLife listed above pretty much cease to exist.

So, perhaps Herr Kamerad Holder is prudent to be concerned. I hope so.


Mimi said...

Looks to me as if Holder and our other esteemed leaders are revving up fear and loathing for "radicals" in order to extract even more constitutional rights from the populace.
Oh, no, they'd never do that--I must be getting paranoid.

Anonymous said...

This all makes more sense when you realize that radicalization really means opposition: i.e., disagreement with Obama and company earns you enemy combatant status.

It's the same concept found in the witch hunt for "the militia movement" -

lemming said...

As long as the policy makers can pay their cable bills, what happens to the rest of us will not matter.

I can no longer afford cable; I can't be the only one. This means that the policy makers will pay more... so they'll complain. That's all.