Monday, March 30, 2009

American Motors

So, Rainbow Brite has fired the prez of General Motors. I suppose, as an antistate type, I'm supposed to get all upset about that. But really ... in what sense is GM a "private" organization? They certainly aren't shy about wanting to dive into ... well, I started to type "my pocket," but that's wrong. What they want to dive into is this electronic Federal Reserve imaginary slush fund of ones and zeroes which doesn't exist in my pocket, and likely not yours either. But still, you see what I mean. If you're willing, as GM management seems to be, to strip down, oil up, and jump into that writhing pile of naked bodies that is the current bailout Fraud Orgy, then you've forfeited any right to be taken seriously when complaining about how the Commissars of the United Socialist States of America are pushing you around.

Yes, I know, I should be outraged. Instead, I am simply numbed by the growing sense that ... well, to put it simply, that It's Over. It is so very, very over: this whole American corporate/government/managerial imperial project. And, considering how much death, misery, and destruction it's dealt out to people all over the world ... good riddance. It's over. I just hope against hope that it will somehow summon a tiny bit of grace that will allow it to die peacefully. Not likely, but all I can do is hope.

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