Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Silver Linings

The ship seems to have encountered a small iceberg, and there are reports of compartment after compartment flooding. What concerns us, though, is that the Titanic has a brand-new captain, and it's time to celebrate his installation; and there's this critical matter of who succeeds him as purser; the officers' mess may come to blows over that. After that crucial fight has been settled, I'm sure there'll be a lively debate over the optimum arrangement of the deck chairs, and just what musical selections the ship's orchestra should render before the waves gently slide over them.

Ever the optimist, I try to look on the bright side as the ship of Empire settles and lists ever farther. Sure, lots of nice people -- including yours truly -- are going to suffer. Still, the day will come, sooner or later, when our masters are heard from no more. And for that, I can hardly wait.

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Mimi said...

An apt comparison--but will the architects of the defective ship be found guilty and punished?