Friday, April 11, 2008

The Real Scandal: It Must Be Too Big to See, or Something

Apparently, Cthulhu's on vacation. And some have thought they've seen the reflected image of a naked woman in his its sunglasses, and they're all excited:
Since Wednesday, the blogosphere has been a-twitter over a photograph on the White House website of Mr Cheney with a caption that said he was fly-fishing on the Snake River in Idaho.

The photo is a tight shot of Mr Cheney's face sporting dark sunglasses and his trademark grin.

What's stirring all the buzz is the reflection in the Vice-President's dark glasses. Some thought that the reflection looked like a naked woman and immediately shared that thought with the world.

On, the discussion starts with this question: "Notice anything … interesting … reflected in his sunglasses? Something that has little to do with conventional 'fly-fishing'?"


The Vice-President's office saw little humour in the buzz.

"Clearly the picture shows a hand casting a rod," grumbled spokeswoman Meagan Mitchell.

For journalists, however, the word of an official spokeswoman isn't good enough.

So McClatchy/Tribune Information Services photo editor George Bridges used the latest digital technology to enlarge the picture, took a close look at Mr Cheney's sunglasses — and concluded that Ms Mitchell was telling the truth. The image is of the Vice-President's hand on his fly rod.
Well, thus ends this week's fun. I wonder if anyone's reflecting on the truly horrifying fact that the golem squatting in the vice-presidential residence is a mass murderer, a war criminal, and a triply-proved traitor to what is alleged to be his country. C'mon, folks -- if Cheney were spending his time in the company of an actual, beautiful, alive-and-breathing naked woman, that (in context) would be a refreshing touch of innocence and humanity. Instead, he's the Activities Chairman of Mordor -- the Chief Ringwraith, more or less.

"Naked woman," indeed. What horrifies my imagination is what he probably did with any fish he might have caught. Molested it, tortured it, and then ate it raw, most likely.


Grace Nearing said...

It's not that I'm relieved there was no naked woman reflected in Cheney's sunglasses. I'm just relieved that there was no naked Lynne Cheney reflected in Cheney's sunglasses. I mean, her days as a champion baton twirler are long gone. (Then again, a really good twirling might have killed the guy.)

Jim Wetzel said...

I appreciate the distinction you draw between "naked woman" and "naked Lynne Cheney." Both are naked, but ... the relationship between "Lynne Cheney" and "woman" is a little problematic. Whatever that relationship is, I'm fairly sure it isn't "identity."