Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

I made a stop at the local supermarket today. I have no dog, and my cat eats some sort of healthy-cat food dictated by the vet, so I usually pay no attention to the supermarket aisle where they park the dog food and cat food. I'm sure that today I wouldn't have noticed, either, except that my son happened to be with me. He saw it and pointed it out.

Saw what, you ask?

The "Old Yeller" brand dog food. In fact, there was a whole line of "Old Yeller" brand dog eatables, from kibble to pigs' ears.

The packaging depicted a big golden-furred dog that was reminiscent of the one from the movie. On the package, the dog is romping in a grassy meadow. Maybe they should have depicted it foaming at the mouth, with a weeping boy training a gun on it?

You have to wonder sometimes ... you really do.


MichaelK said...

The food is made in China; the frothing and dying doesn't come until after the feeding.

Grace Nearing said...

Good gosh -- sounds like something from an old Kids in the Hall skit, or maybe something from a recent episode of Mad Men.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad! And this is proof I read your blog sometimes and got your email.

- your other kid

John Good said...

I can picture some commercial with an "out of focus around the edges" video and a voice-over stating "When it's Fido's time, make his last meal one to remember". . .fade to black, sound of gunshot. ;)

lemming said...

It's been around for years. Sam eats Iams... which is also interesting. he doesn't eat "senior" dog food, he eats "active maturity."

??? Like Sam is going to see the word "senior" on his dog food and be insulted?