Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thank You, Sir ... May I Have Another, Please?

So. My wife encountered a problem requiring a brief hospital stay, which ended today. Her doctor (one of her doctors, I should say -- our general practitioner) prescribed a pain medication for her that falls under one of the federal "schedules" -- which meant that it would have been illegal for our doctor to phone it to the hospital. No, it had to be handwritten on dead-tree-type paper by the doctor, and then I had to journey to her office to pick it up, and then convey it to the hospital -- otherwise, she couldn't be discharged. Since we had easily the worst driving conditions of the entire winter during this late afternoon, I had more than two hours in which to contemplate this matter as I made the round trip.

Because fools might hurt or even kill themselves by gobbling up pharmacological candy, and because our supervisory fools decided it would be a useful countermeasure, I got the Freezing Rain Tour.

Just can't wait until After the Revo. There's a large number of tax-sucking parasites for whom I have nice spots reserved, up against the wall.

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