Monday, September 10, 2007

More of the Same

In yet another exercise in meaninglessness, the Emperor's hirelings are going to make their long-awaited report on the success of the Imperial Surge.

Anyone want to place a small wager? Let's bet on the chances that the minions will say, "The Dread Sovereign's plan was a bad one; we tried, but it didn't work. We should stop now."

Meanwhile, looking at the picture, I wonder about a couple of things. First, what is the source of Bush's mysterious power of making his underlings look like Howdy Doody, too? Look at those guys -- twins separated at birth, by all appearances. Secondly, does Petraeus of the Legions ever wear anything in public besides that set of fatigues? I bet he shows up to give his term paper dressed in exactly that way. Remember the old days, when high-ranking officers used to own neckties? Of course, when your main business is to spin, and sell that spin, I suppose Image is Everything.

And then, there's our Democratic saviors:
Our correspondent says President Bush is hoping the general's more upbeat message on security will be enough to stave off calls for a timeline for a US withdrawal.

Democrats in Congress have long been pushing for a reduction in troop numbers in Iraq.
Democrats in Congress manifestly have zero interest in ending the Iraq war. If they had, they would instantly defund the war and kick off Bush's impeachment. They are doing neither -- nor will they ever.

Update: I apologize. I was wrong about how Petraeus would be dressed when handing in his homework. As you see here, he dressed up like a grownup -- a pleasant surprise, as far as it goes. Which isn't very.

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