Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sharing With You

Why should I be the only one feeling rage tonight? Rage isn't pleasant. I want to share with you. Just follow this link and read it all. I won't excerpt it here ... just another workaday police "tasing" of a non-criminal citizen who seemingly said a word too many when it was heel-clickin' time.

Don't neglect to look at the comments left on the guy's post by some cop-ass-kissin' sheeple. If some of that doesn't get you hot, check and make sure you've still got a pulse.

Yes, yes, I'm sure there's some decent cops left. A few, anyway. But -- like soldiers, sailors, and airmen -- they'd best get the hell out and find a decent way to make a living. They are employed by criminal organizations, and that's all there is to it.

1 comment:

Tim Zank said...

Seems rather simple, much like an obnoxious teenager, this guy should have figured out early on he wasn't going to win this one.

I guess maybe he's a "wanker".