Thursday, June 28, 2007

Libertarian Megatent Teratent

In a comment on the previous post, Jeff Pruitt alerted me to one of the Historic Slate of Historic Libertarian Party Candidates for Fort Wayne City Council, historically selected at the historic county convention of the Libertarian Party of Historic Allen County. The history-making details can be read at this historic post.

Jeff referred me to this post at Fort Wayne Left. There you'll find a link to this post by one of the historic Ell Pee candidates, one Gloria Diaz. I sniffed around the rest of her blog a little, to see if the linked post is generally representative of her work, or if she merely had a sudden bout of Tourette's one day. While I can't say I exactly scoured her archives, my impression is that it's mostly the same. Amazing, indeed.

So, here's a friendly and sincere question for those associated with the Allen County LP. I'm really curious -- really! -- and I'd be interested in your responses. What would it take to disqualify a prospective big-L Libertarian candidate here in Allen County? Is there any stench that the clothespin on your nose won't take care of? Or is your tent SO big that it just basically isn't there at all?

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