Monday, April 16, 2007

Late Again, But Check it Out

This has been posted at The Poor Man since Saturday, and I just now saw it. Evil Dick Cheney is leaving self-parody far behind; he's now reached a nirvanic state of meta-self-referential Darth Vaderdom that is ... I don't know, sui generis. Definitive. Something like that.

Didn't Marie Antoinette go to the guillotine for much less? Is the Revo ever going to get here?

Oh, and there's a picture of the Unbelievable at this update post.


TW said...

Much ado about nothing. Air Force 2 was grounded with electrical problems. The turducken moniker was excellent though.

Bartleby said...

Actually, I agree that another incremental step into self-parody by our grimacing golem of a VP is not especially significant. What's a little more bizarre and wasteful behavior from so evil an alleged "man," anyway?

At least he hasn't shot any old men in the face for quite a while now.