Friday, March 23, 2007

Yet Another Amazing Statement

No, I don't think it's 1974 all over again. And, even though the Congress threatens subpoenas, and the Bush White House hunkers down and talks "executive privilege," I doubt we're going to see tanks rumbling through the streets of DC. (I can dream, though, can't I?) Still, there are some surprising things said:
President Bush has offered to allow Congress to interview the officials without oath or transcription of testimony and in private. The president said he will not allow them to testify under oath because it would damage their ability to give him their "candid advice."
Did I read that correctly? Prexy's "advisers" can talk to our congressional representatives only if they can lie? What other objection to their being under oath could there be?

Out of the mouths of idiot-tyrants ...

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Mort Chien said...

I suspect that the real concern is the wide range of opportunities for the charge of "perjury" for any, any, miss-stating of the "facts". Lawyers are remarkably good at making that charge stick no matter how vague or accidental the alleged perjury was.