Sunday, March 04, 2007

Humor Break, Part 2

This may bring a smile to anyone who has ever: been an instructor; had an instructor; or both. And I would guess that covers most of us. I've never graded an exam with responses approaching these, but I think they pass the smell test for actuality.

I'd have given the student a few points there; he or she had clearly recognized that the object's gravitational potential energy was important to the solution, and had made a decent start before giving up and going to comedy land. Now, for an interesting take on thermodynamics:

Maybe a few points for mathematical whimsy? Okay, maybe not.

Finally: when all else fails, change the subject. Answer a different question.


lemming said...

orbit's gravitational energy

I don't think I would dare to us those words in a row,let alone in an examsituation...

but an amusing post!

TW said...

Tell me......where can I get one of those frictionless ramps? I think I could make a huge sum of money selling them. ;o)