Monday, November 27, 2006

Unplanned Hiatus

My posting productivity has never been my strong point, and it's been even less so lately. Illness has been a prolonged visitor at my household, and I've hardly been online in recent days. Tomorrow probably won't be any better, but I have hopes for Wednesday.

So, please be patient, and read some of the other fine material linked over at the right-hand side of the page.


Siagiah said...

I hope you will be better soon~!!
hugs... Cathy

Bartleby said...

Cathy! So nice to hear from you, as always!

My post was misleading -- it was not I who was ill. The women of my household were, however, fairly unhappy for several days. So far, I've been able to dodge the bullet; I hope to continue to do so.

Meanwhile, X's and O's back at you ...