Thursday, November 09, 2006

Camp Now, Change Later

Well, friends, now that I've voted just the way Osaddam bin Hussein wanted me to, I'm heading out tomorrow for the 2006 edition of the Men's Fall Campout. No, we don't beat drums ... but we will fart, belch, pee on the ground, practice over-the-fire haute cuisine, and cull some of the stale, slow brain cells from the herd by loosing that ferocious predator, beer. It'll probably rain and rain ... but it's been on the calendar for months now, and off we go, no matter the weather.

When I come back, I plan to change the look-and-feel of this blog a little. I'm thinking I'll give that Blogger Beta thing a try, and I'm becoming heartily sick of this template, which I've been using for very nearly two years now. Maybe I'll dream up a new name that makes a little more sense (and maybe I won't, I guess).

Meanwhile: enjoy the weekend, and I'll do likewise.

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lemming said...

It's cold and grey - hope you are warm.