Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So, What Is Up With the Runaway Bride, Anyway?

Sometimes a remarkable juxtaposition brings the whole picture back into focus -- maybe a little sharper focus than is comfortable for us viewers. Still, allow me to recommend that you have a look at what Mark Brennan posted at the Lew Rockwell site today. An excerpt:
... Maybe Saddam was in fact going to nuke me, my wife, our two cats, and the dry cleaners across the street. And maybe monkeys will fly out of my… In either case, he is now behind bars while suicidal maniacs with IEDs strapped to their chests are killing Americans whose kids are not benefiting from the services of $500 per hour SAT tutors or figuring out how to redeem their American Express Platinum Membership Rewards Points so that they can attend the ESPN Golf School with a "focus on the importance of swing mechanics, club control, and body behavior." One can safely assume that ESPN has made no special provision for any military amputees in attendance who might need special instruction in "chipping with one arm" or "putting while blind" since Iraq reminds the intended customer base of little more than the unraked sand trap on the 15th hole at their country club.
By all means, go and read the rest, too.

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