Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Party of Principle: Oh, Yeah

In the news: the California State Assembly, in its solemn majesty, has ordained that celebrated new social institution we've all heard so much about in recent years: the one that my hero, Joseph Sobran, christened "sodomatrimony." But the Assembly's action may yet be vetoed by the governor. Yes, it turns out that Ah-nuld is displeased.


You'd think that a Republican politician would rail against the defining-down of marriage and family by the Assembly. But you'd be wrong:

The legislation could be vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has expressed an acceptance of gay marriages but said it's an issue that should be decided by voters or the courts.

Let's leave aside for a moment the idea that the actions of the legislature in an alleged representative republic represent something other than a "decision by the voters." No, The Governator is offended by the idea that the damnable legislature has presumed to say what the law should be. Why, that's a job for the courts!

Remember this, the next time that James Dobson, or any of the talk-radio motormouths, urges you to vote the GOP back into power, so that "judicial activism" may be curbed. Remember ... that's all I ask.


TW said...

C'mon! You don't expect us to believe that's all you ask? ;)

Bartleby said...

You're right ... that does lack credibility, doesn't it?

How're you getting along lately?

TBQ forums certainly look dead, don't they?

Grace said...

Hmm. Issues should be decided by voters or the courts. I can understand "the voters" (as opposed to the legislature) because California out-Swisses the Swiss on referendums. But the "or the courts" confuses me. Possibly "and the courts," as in, the people vote for Proposition A and then the court rules that Proposition A is unconstitutional. Oh well, at least it keeps everybody busy: the legislators, the voters, and the judges.

TW said...

Things are goin' fine here in my little corner of the world. If I can get a handle on things here at work I may take time off to go down to southern Mississippi and try assisting in the relief efforts. It will be at least a week before I know if that will be possible.

Bartleby said...

Good for you, TW ... talk is cheap (as I demonstrate), but action supplies its own integrity. Keep me posted on whether you go or not, and what you see if you do. Do you still have my e-mail? In case you don't, it would be jcwetzel[at]mchsi[dot]com.