Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day

I mailed mine off today at midafternoon. I of course waited until the last moment to write Uncle his check. And an accursedly difficult check it is to write, too.

Gary North had some interesting thoughts about the whole business today. I was flattered to see that he had somehow psychically borrowed one of my previous effusions here. It must have been ESP, right? I mean, it isn't as if he's reading this blog.

Still, Tax Day should fill us all with shame, to the extent that we still pretend to be a free people. How long would the Founders tolerate taxation at the rates we experience today? How long would they tolerate the other assorted ways in which our supervisors assert their power over our apathetic rear ends? My guess is that they'd be planning the overthrow of the regime within a few microseconds. Just read the Declaration of Independence, in which they catalog the abuses they had suffered from George III. That list reads like a highly-abbreviated version of the Federal Register from any time in the last thirty years or so.

Way back before senility set in, William Buckley wrote that the relationship between slaves and their masters should always be a mutinous one. So true.


Grace said...

Grumble. Taxes. Grumble. I got curious about how other industrialized countries pick and choose what they tax (and why) and how they assess and collect taxes from individuals and corportions. I finally found a book that was sufficiently nontechnical. It's called, cleverly enough, Why Tax Systems Differ.

I've pretty much given up despairing about taxes. I focus now on insurance -- any and all forms. Now if I could just find a copy of Why Insurance Systems Differ....

Bartleby said...

Thanks, Grace. I just did a little online looking for that book. The Fort Wayne library system apparently doesn't have it. I checked Amazon, and I found a review, in Journal of the American Taxation Association, of a book by one Cedric T. Sandford having that title. The book itself I haven't seen anywhere. Is that the same book you recommended?

TW said...

Taxman by George Harrison

Let me tell you how it will be
There's one for you, nineteen for me
Cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

Should five per cent appear too small
Be thankful I don't take it all
Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman

If you drive a car, I'll tax the street
If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat
If you get too cold I'll tax the heat
If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet

Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman

Don't ask me what I want it for (Aahh Mr. Wilson)
If you don't want to pay some more (Aahh Mr. Heath)
Cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
Cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

And you're working for no one but me

There's more truth in that song than I realized in my earlier years