Monday, April 17, 2017

Funny, If It's a Cartoon

But it's not.  President Mr. Magoo has found the key to the bomb locker, in both the Near East (Syria, Afghanistan) and the Far East (Korea).  The crap may or may not hit the fan in a major way.  But if it doesn't, I'm pretty sure it won't be because President Mr. Magoo has any awareness of the hazards, or the consequences.

This isn't a new problem, by any means.  For the better part of a century, All Respectable Opinion has held as axiomatic the very questionable notion that the world is something to be "managed" from the general neighborhood of Chesapeake Bay.  As a result, we've pretty well destroyed the Near East.  We're maintaining a goodly supply of uniformed hostages in South Korea, whose whole purpose is to be killed while serving as a human Patriotic Outrage tripwire.  Can't hardly get into a decent war without secular martyrs, you know.

So why didn't I vote for Hillary?  Because that would have been a vote for war.  Oh, so I must've voted for Trump, then?  Nope.  As we can see so plainly, that, too, would've been a vote for war.  No, in modern America, no candidate is permitted within sniffing distance of the Oval Orifice unless he or she is a known friend of the Grim Reaper.  And the only way to not vote for war is to not vote, period.  (You get war anyway, but at least you don't have to blame yourself for having asked for it.)

Good luck to us all.  We're all gonna need it.

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