Friday, May 08, 2015

Anatomical Voting Considerations

I just read something on the James Bovard blog that made me laugh out loud:
Wear gloves on Election Day!
“Fat-O-Sphere” author Kate Harding announced plans to “vote with my vagina” for Hillary Clinton. Harding said  her voting was guided in part by her difficult menstrual cycles. I wonder who she would vote for if she was suffering from hemorrhoids. (Coincidentally, Mike Huckabee entered the presidential race this week.)


Mimi said...

I followed the link to Bovard's piece, then to Harding's. Her stuff is truly idiotic and stupid and--even more grievous in my book--badly written. I left this--rather mild for me--comment:
"So the fact that she's an enthusiastic supporter of overseas slaughter, as most of her male colleagues are, has no significance? Or do you find that appealing?"

Jim Wetzel said...

I didn't read (or even see) the comments before, so I just went looking for yours. Regrettably, I didn't find it. I think that's because it was a needle in the haystack of red-state / blue-state, yay-for-my-team noise. And there must have been hundreds of them there, too.

I get so tired, sometimes.