Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Protect and Defend the Constitution From ...?"

Laurence Vance, in the Lew Rockwell blog, passes along a remarkable statement from a "bad" veteran.  Yes, bad ... bad, very bad.

But don't pay any attention to this guy.  He must not be a real veteran.  You know, not one of the Holy Troops.  Not one of Our Heroes, uh-uh.  Not a single "ooo-rah!" does he utter.

"Protecting and defending the Constitution ..."  Let's think that one over for a minute.  The US constitution is a deeply flawed document.  It isn't clear to me that its protection-and-defense is actually worth anyone's life.  On the other hand, I will concede that a government -- a mythical government, we're obliged to say, since no such has ever existed here (or anywhere else in the world that I'm aware of) -- a "constitutional" government, I say, would be pretty tolerable for a good while, to the extent that it remained so.  The man in the video above says that he encountered no enemies of the constitution in the far-flung places to which he was dispatched by Our Supervisors.  But someone who is serious about protecting and defending our defunct constitution won't go overseas; he doesn't have to.  There's a smallish area, sort of Maryland / Virginia, right there around the Chesapeake Bay, where the most prominent enemies of things constitutional may be found.  Their numbers are quite limited; I have in mind 435 so-called "representatives," a hundred profoundly stupid "senators," a president and his chief minion, and a supreme court (the constitution's most official rapists).  But that's not where the alleged guardians of your liberties go.  No, those folks go to carefully-selected foreign lands to abuse and slaughter foreign people who are inconvenient to the corporatist regime that rules the US empire.  Then, their skills perfected, they come back here, trade in their military uniforms for police ones (the differences are increasingly hard to see), and occupy the Homeland, cracking down on you and me according to the wishes of Our Supervisors ... and, increasingly, according to the random thug impulses of the uniform-wearers.

Gee ... thanks, vet'runs.  Thanks for your "service."  Please, serve me no more.


Mimi said...

Now there's a genuine hero, wouldn't you say?

Jim Wetzel said...

Actually, yes. Or, if not, he'll do until one comes along.