Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun With Current Events

I'm thinking maybe it's time to start writing this blog again.  I've certainly had a lot of time away from it, and lots of stuff's been happening in my "real" life, but I'm not really here to write about that.  A friend sent me a screen capture from his television during the recent unpleasantness.  He proposes a caption contest.

The entries so far:

  • Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to kill we go.
  • Thank you for choosing Militarized Police State for all your security needs!
  • This shit ain’t ever going away.
  • It’s for the children.
  • Silly citizen, ARs are for cops.
  • There have been numerous reports that a shop in the neighborhood is selling 32 oz sodas.
I'd like to contribute an entry, but anything I can think of seems to involve such shopworn descriptions as "bucket-helmeted jack-booted thugs," as well as a significant collection of unworthy obscenities.

Trouble is, I can't work up much sympathy for my fellow Americanoes, as a group, since so many seem to be cheering their tiny little heads off at the concept of a city being "on lockdown."  Gee, we're so well-conditioned, we immediately understand the administrative / managerial jargon of totalitarianism, including "no-fly zone" and other such illiteracies.  I chatted briefly this morning with the nice lady at the front desk at my local YMCA, and she was expressing her sorrow that the second bombing suspect had been arrested alive, instead of being summarily executed by the stormtroopers, like the first suspect.  Her colleague, however, was conditionally pleased by the live capture ... his pleasure being conditioned on a heavy regimen of torture being visited upon Contestant #2.

I've changed my mind: I do have an entry for the caption contest:

  • And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.
As far as I know, the contest is still open.  I'll pass along any entries that appear as comments.

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