Monday, June 06, 2011

Getting Our Minds Right

I was driving with my wife and daughter yesterday on Interstate 465 around the southwest corner of Indianapolis, and we were going past the airport. Since I was driving, my wife was sightseeing out her window, and she asked, "Is that a prison?"

I glanced over to the right. In the far distance, the terminal buildings could be seen, but the airport's eastern border was dominated by the endless fence ... with what seemed like several miles of razor wire coiled on top of it. I could see how, if you didn't happen to know that was the airport, you could easily mistake it for a prison.

"No," I said, "that's the airport." Then, after a moment, it occurred to me: "Not that there's much difference."

In the Land of the Free™ today, the similarities are real and numerous. You sure don't want to give the bosses any backsass. Everything goes so much smoother if you just get your mind right.


Tim Zank said...

I must admit, many a time while waiting to board I have thought "What we got here, is failure to communicate".

You make a very apt analogy.

Mimi said...

Depressing, but true, Jim. I'm going on a rrip in a few weeks, out of Newark and am contemplating deadful ordeals, going and coming. Sometimes I wonder how we ever got to these ugly aspects of modern life.

Protoprotestant said...

At the very least, American airports are totalitarian police states. The Constitution goes out the window. If you even hint that you're displeased, they detain you. If you whisper something viewed as subversive, you're on the list.

I've only flown once since 9/11, and if I can help it I won't do so again.

This country isn't about freedom anymore, it's about security.

Jim Wetzel said...

Thanks, all, for your kind words.

Proto, I'm also done flying. 'Tis pity; I always used to enjoy it, for the most part. But submission to that kind of treatment from our spurious "rulers" is unbecoming to a man -- or, to be sure, to a woman, either. It's inappropriate for a grownup, period.