Monday, March 21, 2011


There hasn't been much here lately, and I can't say with any confidence that there's likely to be much here in the near future either. It's not a matter of my having been busy; I'm neither more nor less busy than usual. It's more a matter of not having anything to say that I haven't already said over and over again for the past, what, six or seven years. I think I'm pretty much burned out.

The country in which I live has launched yet another war against Muslims, motivated by more or less equal parts oil lust, fealty to the Israel lobby, fealty to the "defense" contracting lobby (lots of overlap with these last two), and the bloodlust of our current Nobel peace laureate president. Clinton is the last president of whom I said "it can't get any worse." What a stupid thing for me to have said. Dubya emphatically demonstrated that yes, it can get worse, and O'Bomber has certainly shown that it can get a lot worse yet ... and who knows what's next? Chucklebee? The Mittster? Barack 2.0? The one thing I'm fairly confident about is that it will indeed get worse.

Yeah, well, anyway ... I've toyed with the notion of dumping the blog, but that's silly, too ... in a week or two I'd just experience a resurgence of "piss and vinegar," as my old father used to say, and I'd have to start another one. And if there's anything the world doesn't need, it's a new blog. So I'll stand by and wait for the return of inspiration. Or whatever it is that makes me write posts; "inspiration" sounds a little grand. "Motivation" is probably more like it.


Jonathan Versen said...

Hi Jim. I think the quest motivation and burnout is a pretty common condition with blogs.

Mimi said...

Oh, no, don't go! I check your blog everyday to see if you've added to your impressive list of essays. Believe me when I say that you and a handful of others inspire and energize me. Of course, my pokey blog is mostly just a diary, boring as hell to most, but yours is something apart. You cut through the crap, as the saying goes, and that's essential to like-minded people.
I hope, as you intimated, you can just take a vacation from it and come back when you're fired up. We need all the clear-thinking, clear-writing, compassionate fellow travelers like you we can get.

Phil Marx said...

Jim, You've written a lot of good stuff here. Whether you just take a break or actually decide to quit adding new material for good, I hope you'll keep the archives open. It might be useful for future generations to understand where we went wrong.

It will also make it easier for the authorities to prosecute you when our government eventually bans the right of people to protest what they are doing. Sure, I'll feel sorry for you when they burn you at the stake. But the cause of freedom always needs a good martyr for inspiration.

lemming said...

The problem with burning Jim at the stake is that he'd still have time for one last speech. I favor firing squad. ;-)

In all seriousness, I think that all of us, regardless of political persuasion, are just plain tired out. We all ran on hope for a while, then ran on fumes and now we're just exhausted.

When the Pacific end of the Trans-Continental Railroad hit winter, some days they had to measure building progress in mere inches - but they kept on going.

Chris Dowd said...

I understand completely.