Saturday, January 01, 2011

English Is a Dead Language: New Year's Day Edition

Okay, it's no one's fault but mine, but I looked in on the Rose Bowl Presented by Vizio™ a few minutes ago, and I saw a commercial for Taco Hell. The commercial extolled the virtues of the Five Buck Box, which appears to be a cardboard container of corn chips and grease, but is, we're told, the answer to Everyman's nutritional dreams. What caught my eye, though, was how the printing on said box read:


which I would have read as "five dollar buck box." And thus is yet another shovelful of dirt tossed into the fast-filling grave of the English language.

Happy New Year!


Phil Marx said...

Me lykes dis post!

Happy New Year, Jim

Anonymous said...

Cheapest fast food on the planet.